Welcome to Pitt Aquatic Club Divers

Our main facility, Trees Pool at the University of Pittsburgh, has 2 one meter springboards, 2 three meter springboards, and 5, 7½ and 10 meter platforms. 

In addition there is poolside dryland equipment including a port-a-pit board, trampoline, overhead spotting rig, stretching mats, landing mats, medicine balls, and yoga balls.

TIVO Instant Replays are utilized for immediate feedback

At Pitt Aquatic Club, we teach kids how to dive, how to be competitive, and we have fun in the process.  We strive to give everyone a positive experience out of learning, whether that means trying a fall-in back dive, or learning a full 3 meter dive list, or staying focused yet relaxed in big competitions. We help divers grow both athletically and emotionally. 

The fitness, mental toughness, perseverance, confidence, and camaraderie they gain are valuable life skills, both within and outside the sport of diving.

Program Director:         Doe Krug

Head Coaches:             Julian Krug, Doe Krug

Staff Coaches:              John Dusch, Eric Becker, Charlie Hauser,

                                        Amber Hartung, Vernon Yenick, Meme Sharp,

                                        Dom Giordano, Ashley Broderick,

                                        Sam Winkelmann, Lisa Coe

Mailing Address:          169 Herbst Road

                                       Coraopolis, PA  15108

Telephone:                    412-260-6260

Email:                            PITTDIVING@GMAIL.COM

Memberships:               United States Diving

                                       AAU Diving


Summer 2017 registration is now open for Developmental, Intermediate, and Scholastic Programs. 

Notice:  No Twilight Diving Camp is scheduled in Summer 2017.

There are no diving programs during the month of August.

Devp Class Section A on Sundays 12:00-1:30 is closed.

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Pitt Aquatic Club’s operations and activities are not owned or operated by the University of Pittsburgh.